About Us

Our Story

Association of Cesspool Truck Owners of Uganda Limited is duly incorporated in Uganda as a company limited by guarantee.

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The company has its offices at Spring Road, Wankoko Bugolobi next to NWSC treatment plant. Our services are all over Uganda and East Africa atlarge.

ACTOU maintains a strong customer-focus and values long-term business relationships with all our customers. These are conducted with integrity, with a company-wide commitment to quick and quality services. We always ensure to be responsive and adaptable to meet our customers’ needs

ACTOU was started, established, and fully incorporated in October 2020 under Reg No. 80020000730214 and TIN No. 1014182896 to promote a healthy and conducive environment for all through the services offered.


To persue the right to a healthy environment for all Ugandans while enhancing the livelihoods of all Ugandans through service provision, training and empowerment.


 To create a healthy environment, enhance sanitation and drainage hygiene in Kampala surburbs and beyond through provision of cesspool services, training of households and funding activities geared forward ensuring cesspool sanitation and drainage hygiene is enhanced.

Core Values

ACTOU members commit towards the following values when engaging among themselves and with others: 


We stand with each other for strength and purpose..


We work together with honesty and openness to build trust.


We embrace the challenges of today to have a significant impact on tomorrow.


Our strength lies in everybody’s contribution


We promote standards and good conduct to deliver professional sanitation services.